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Piste: elementary



Genre : Enquête, mystique

Scénario proposés par Vultrao (pour 3 joueurs) :

My Flesh and Blood
The Pen of the Dragon

Elementary! est un jeu de rôle d'enquête dans un univers un peu particulier. Les joueurs incarnent des entités élémentaires, des être étrange qui prennent l'apparence d'humains et qui sont envoyés parmis les hommes pour résoudre des enquêtes mettant en péril l'humanité (à plus ou moins grande échelle). Chacune de ces entités, que l'ont appelle fils et filles de Dragon, dispose d'une faible portion des pouvoirs des entité créatrice de l'univers, les Dragons.

Vous trouverez une description plus complète de l'univers dans la section “A Universe of Dragons”.

Le système est très épuré. En réalité, il n'y a pas vraiment de système, purement du role-play pour faire avancer l'enquête. Les pouvoirs que possèdent les fils de Dragons sont mineurs, et sont souvent uniquement utilisé pour débloquer l'enquête quand elle stagne (il y a même eu des enquêtes où aucun pouvoir n'a été utilisé). Le fait que les enfants de Dragon soient si différents des humain leur permet de prendre du recul pour leur enquête, et le fait qu'ils viennent au monde sans savoir où ni quand ils sont permet d'installer une ambiance (qui est l'objectif principal du jeu).

A universe of dragons

“The goal is the path, the answer is the question, the life its own purpose.”


what we call “Dragons” are the original builders of the universe. They are not sentient entities, just the fathers of concepts we call “paradigms”. In the universe, every paradigm of existence is correct as long as it includes the fundamental rules of the universe. Thus, there are an infinite number of correct paradigms. This is possible because of the Dragons. The Dragons are the harbingers of the paradigms, the paradigms exists because of them and they exist for the paradigms. We can say for sure that every paradigm is associated to a Dragon, and every Dragon wields a paradigm. Even if every paradigm is true, there is not conflict between them. Dragons keep what we call the “fundamental balance”, a tacit pact between them that allows the paradigms to combine. The result of this combination is our world.


The Dragonheart, is practically mankind. The greatest creation of every dragon together, the only time when they all created something at one, was when they decided to give intelligence, strong emotions, humour, technology, and development to humans. Before the creation of mankind, the world was going round. But, every dragon agreed that this universe had no goal, and needed one. Thus, they picked an animal specie, and gave it a whole panel of gifts, allowing them to overcome any other animal specie. The goal of this creation, is its own development, to infinity and beyond, with no true purpose, with an unreachable but everytime closer goal. The Dragonheart is the most cherished creation of the Dragons, and they intend to protect it at all cost.

Dragonkin Dragons have influence over the world. The main (and often unique) manifestation of them is what is called “Dragonkin”. The members of the Dragonkin are elemental entities, who has affinities with their Dragon and, more importantly, with the elements of its paradigm. They appear in group (Dragon often agree to summon several at the same time) in a primordial form depending on their predilection elements. Then, their appearance changes to match the Dragonheart common appearance. The Dragonkin is used to solved problems in the world, they are personifications of the Dragons and their agents. But above all, they are to protect the Dragonheart. Each representant of the Dragonkin has its own perception of its Dragon´s paradigm, by having affinities with peculiar element is despise of others. A single member of the Dragonkin can be referred as “Dragoneye”, and sometimes “Dragonborn”.

The Events

What we call “events” is the creation of a piece of Dragonkin (often a small group of 3 or 4 members) to solve a peculiar problem that threatens the Dragonheart, or at least a piece of it. When they are created, the Dragoneyes have absolutely no idea of where and when they are, neither do they know their mission. Whereas they are dressed according to the era and local culture, a small time of adaptation is necessary before they understand everything around them. The way the piece of Dragonkin appears depends on the highest affinity the have, and must be described with mysticism. At the beginning of the event, they more or less feel where they must go (in which direction at least), and at the end of the event, they are attracted to the place they were born, to return to their creator. Nobody knows why, but Dragoneyes often appear on rainy nights…

The Fallen Kin

The Fallen Kin, as the name suggest, are Dragonkin that are no longer is the global cohesion of the Universe according to the Dragons ideal. Their purpose is no longer to protect the Dragonheart, but their own Dragon instead. The fact is, when a Dragoneye uses spells too often, the power of the Dragon is so drawn to the world that it loses itself into the nature. Thus, when a Dragoneye uses most of the affinity he have of a peculiar, no power is returned to his Dragon when he comes back to him, and the element is lost. That means that the Dragon no longer covers the entire universe, but a part of it (the part that was described, partly or wholly, by the lost element) isn´t affected anymore by the dragon. That´s when a Dragon´s paradigm has only one element left that things become sensitive. When it happens, the Dragon almost always panics, because he is on the verge of complete disappearance, and summons a sole Dragoneye to try to restore the other elements. This Dragoneye is called “Fallen”, and his only purpose is to save his Dragon, even at the cost of the Dragonheart. It is possible to restore lost elements though, through complex rituals, using all the elements of the falling Dragon. They must beware though, because there will be always unexpected results.